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"The five stages of Moo Gong Warrior training are: Physical fitness, self-defense, artistic expression, philosophical understanding, and spiritual enlightenment." --Master James Cahn

OMAC-Choong Moo Programs

Little Tigers Program

This introductory program is designed for children under the age of eight. The focus of the class is on developing self-confidence, discipline, and on basic martial arts techniques. This is an excellent way to introduce young people to the benefits of the martial arts and to prepare them for our regular taekwondo class. Little Tigers learn focus, discipline, respect, confidence and physical fitness. Martial Arts will help children excel in school and in other sports.

Regular Taekwondo Class

This is our main program for adults and children, age 8 and over. We offer a comprehensive martial arts program for beginners through black belt and beyond. Our program includes instruction in taekwondo martial arts techniques (forms, fighting, self-defense, weaponry), meditation, stretching, and hapkido. Our program also introduces students to basic concepts and techniques for chi kung and martial arts healing.

Advanced Training

Through our affiliation with Grandmaster Joon P. Choi and the Oriental Martial Arts College in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, students are given regular opportunities to receive special training geared to the advanced student. These include regular senior belt classes and special seminars which are offered periodically throughout the year. Grandmaster Choi and other masters affiliated with OMAC also provide special instruction in kimoodo (martial arts healing) and hapkido.

Summer Camp

Each June since 1982, the Oriental Martial Arts College has provided its students the opportunity of attending a special 4-day summer session held on a college campus near Columbus, Ohio. Students are able to work with master instructors from all over the world and to experience the benefits of a concentrated and focused program of martial arts.


All OMAC students are given regular opportunities to participate in sanctioned taekwondo tournaments. This includes our own tournament, the Battle of Columbus, which has been held for several years and is one of the largest and most successful martial arts tournaments in the United States, with competitors coming from all over the world. Recently the Battle of Columbus has merged with Arnold Schwarzenegger's Arnold Classic to become the Arnold Battle of Columbus.

Program Costs

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